Library of Birmingham

The Library of Birmingham is the largest public library in Europe. A people's palace as Francine Houben, the architect calls it. The library is designed so that:

‘One should experience the library as part of the urban promenade, a sequential walk, eventful and lengthy, but also with cross connections for easy and direct use.’

The wayfinding strategy is in line with the various visitor scenarios. One can immediately find one of the many destinations. While a system of 'Pathfinders' also shows the enormous offerings. It helps the visitor to explore the entire building.


Antwerp Airport

Luchthavenlei 1 B22
B-2100 Antwerp, Belgium
Axel Mebis (BE)
+32 474 81 37 58
Martijn Geerdes (NL)
‭+31 653 40 05 63‬