Isala Meppel

Isala has been given a new home in the beautiful Reestdal. At the request of Vakwerk Architecten, a wayfinding strategy was first developed in close collaboration with the Isala Meppel team.

With the visitor in mind, she is guided to her appointment in two simple steps. The design fits within the interior, while the placement and contrast make it stand out. The stairwell is centrally located in front of the lifts and the signage helps to encourage the use of the stairs. All waiting areas are placed near large windows so daylight and signage direct the visitor.


Antwerp Airport

Luchthavenlei 1 B22
B-2100 Antwerp, Belgium
Axel Mebis (BE)
+32 474 81 37 58
Martijn Geerdes (NL)
‭+31 653 40 05 63‬