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The customer in mind

United Wayfinders is a design team specialising in wayfinding. With your customer in mind we help you to help them find their way in public spaces, health facilities, transportation systems, and so much more in the world we navigate.

Welcoming and accessible places

Together with our clients we refurbish complex environments into welcoming and accessible places. We create places that breathe your brand, reflect your architectural aspirations and assure for a positive customer experience.

World class results

We team up with our experts, specific to your project. First we analyse your environment and its organisation. Together with you we develop a fitting wayfinding strategy, for which we design an effective wayfinding system with world class results.



Antwerp Airport / BESIX Park


Isala Meppel




Port de Bruxelles / Haven van Brussel
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Our approach

1. Analysis & Research

We always analyse your building from your visitors’ perspective.

The design process can only start if we fully understand your organisation and visitors needs. We need to find out how your building is being used and to identify opportunities.

With the universal needs in mind, and the analysis of your building and organisation, we achieve a “Design for All” Wayfinding as a result and as such a welcoming and easy place to navigate.

2. Wayfinding strategy

Defining an information system.

In this step we create an information system and define the media that will be needed.

3. Wayfinding design

Defining the graphical elements and tools.

We make great design for the sign elements defined in our strategy while incorporating your brand elements.

4. Realisation

Resulting in signs, graphics, maps or apps: the mix of media needed for your project.

Together we can select a manufactering party.
In good cooperation we translate design into real life products with your pre-defined budget in mind.


Health & Care

  • Openbaar Psychiatrisch Centrum, Geel
  • Forensisch Psychiatrisch Centrum, Gent
  • Isala ziekenhuis Meppel
  • Maasstad ziekenhuis Rotterdam
  • Haga ziekenhuis Den Haag
  • Zaans Medisch Centrum


  • City theatre / Het Paleis Antwerp
  • Energiehuis, Dordrecht
  • Library of Birmingham
  • Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
  • Muziekcentrum van de Omroep, Hilversum


  • Sportcentrum SportOase, Leuven
  • Sportcentrum SportOase, Rotselaar
  • Galleria shopping mall Cheonan
  • WTC Amsterdam
  • Eurojust offices,The Hague
  • Crowne Plaza Hotels, Brussels Airport, Antwerp


  • Port de Bruxelles
  • Besix Park, all Belgian parking lots
  • Antwerp Airport
  • Ostend Airport
  • Universal Express, Port of Antwerp
  • World Forum, The Hague
  • Port of Amsterdam
Axel Mebis
Martijn Geerdes


United Wayfinders is a joint initiative by Axel Mebis (BE) and Martijn Geerdes (NL), employing more than 25 years of experience in wayfinding design worldwide, now focusing on projects in Belgium.

Close by, and locally knowledgeable about universally human design.
Anchored in Belgium, bringing world-wide experience, while embracing the ‘Design for All’ concept.


Antwerp Airport

Luchthavenlei 1 B22
B-2100 Antwerp, Belgium
Axel Mebis (BE)
+32 474 81 37 58
Martijn Geerdes (NL)
‭+31 653 40 05 63‬